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1. Harvard led MI study

2. JACC study 

   (J. of Amer. Coll.

3. NEJM cath study

4. Amer. J. of Cardio.
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Oat bran study

Pregnancy & Alcohol

Are Geminis really
9. Columbia 'Miracle' Study  

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Limitations of Meta-Analyses

Large Randomized Clinical Trials

Tale of Two Large

Advocate meta-analyses

Network meta-analyses





Limitations of Meta-Analyses (details)   A meta-analysis is subject to potential problems and pitfalls just as a clinical trial is subject to potential limitations.  Despite the perception by some that a meta-analysis is always the final word on a topic, a meta-analysis can result in incorrect or incomplete conclusions.

The Very Large Randomized Clinical Trial: Strengths and Weaknesses (details)  A very large randomized clinical trial is the gold standard for assessing the benefits of a medical treatment. Though large randomized trials have many strengths, this is not an inherent guarantee that a trial is constructed well or reaches appropriate conclusions.

A Tale of Two Large Trials (details)  The Heart Protection Study (HPS) is a superbly designed and interpreted large randomized clinical trial in contrast to the ALLHAT trial which is a large randomized trial which reached conclusions not proven by the trial data. 
Beware of Meta-analyses Bearing False Gifts (details)  Meta-analyses performed by strong advocates of a particular position in an ongoing controversy are particularly at risk for bias.

Network meta-analyses (details)  Network meta-analyses are more prone to unreliable conclusions.