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Mills JL, et al.  Letter, Maternal alcohol consumption and birth weight. JAMA 1985:253:3351

"In reply-We appreciate the thoughtful comments of Dr. Rosett, Ms. Weiner, and Dr. Roehm."  ...  ...

        "Dr. Roehm1 suggests that birth weight may not be affected by consumption of less than three drinks per day in nonsmokers.  While this may appear to be true for the crude data, it is clearly not the case after adjustment for other risk factors.  After removing the effect of smoking by multiple regression, mean birth weight is significantly decreased and the risk of intrauterine growth retardation is significantly increased among women consuming less than three drinks per day.  This was reported in tables 3 and 4 of our article.

We also discussed the possibility that alcohol and smoking can act synergistically to reduce birth weight.  As noted, the alcohol-smoking interaction terms in our regression analysis did not turn out to be statistically significant.

In summary, are data show an association between intrauterine growth retardation and moderate as well as heavy drinking.  This association is present in both smoking and non-smoking women."

James Mills, MD, MS,  Barry Graubard, MA, George Rhoads, MD, MPH

Mills JL, Graubard BI, Harley EE, et al.  Maternal alcohol consumption and birth weight: How much drinking during pregnancy is safe? JAMA 1984:252:1875-1879 

1. Roehm E.  Letter, Maternal alcohol consumption and birth weight. JAMA 1985:253:3551